Feast in Honor of our patron Saint John Bosco

Jan 31, 2020

One thinker, F. Orestano, affirmed that “if Saint Francis of Assisi sanctified nature and poverty, Saint John Bosco sanctified work and joy.” Therefore, good humor, laughter, rejection of unnatural attitudes and distances of respect towards the educator, even if he is a priest or religious, all of this united to a foundation of optimism, makes the Salesian educational climate a climate of relaxation where one lives comfortably, and in which one feels a little like at home, and in which one perceives that real freedom is possible. Thus it is understood that in Don Bosco’s house, play, theater, body expression, gymnastics, singing, etc., are of such importance. It is the body that expresses the joy of living of the person; that joy that is living in a climate of trust and peace with God.